How has being a part of Bankhead Boys Association helped you?  I loved it. It gave me structure. It gave me something to do with my time, instead of just being idle at home. I still use a lot of the stuff that I learned during my time with BBA today.

What is the most important thing you learned while you were at a part of the Bankhead Boys Association?  The Boy Scout’s Law was the most important thing that I learned, while being a part of the Bankhead Boys Association. If I operate using the law, I don’t feel bad about anything that happens.

What's your favorite memory during your time?  Going to Daytona Beach during Spring Break. We would always stay at a house that had an orange grove, and we would pick oranges. Every time we went, it was also cheer season, so there would be a lot of cheerleaders in town also.

Why is Bankhead Boys Association important to current youth in Atlanta?  Youth today don’t have any programs. I think that if we didn’t have Bankhead Boys Association, we would be doing different things. They need the same opportunity that we had.